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How to make sure you only buy real YouTube views

YouTube is known for punishing users who take advantage of its system. It is crucial that YouTubers who are interested in becoming YouTube stars know the difference between real and fake views. Your entire channel could be at risk if your purchase of low-quality views is made. How can you tell the difference?

What are fake views?

In most cases, fake views are acquired through the use of scripts and bots that take advantage of YouTube’s system, resulting in a lot of views. However, YouTube’s advanced algorithm quickly detects these kinds of views.

Fake views can lead to one-sided statistics because most people who buy them don’t think about how they will get likes or comments. Users are left with strange-looking accounts which raise suspicion.

Fake views can have a damaging impact on your channel’s integrity and all-around existence. YouTube reserves all rights to remove fake videos, as well as channels and videos that are proven to have purchased fake viewers.

What are Real Views?

Fake views are rare. Real views come from genuine people, often acquired through organic marketing. These viewers are likely to have some interest in your video. They tend to view your videos for a large portion of their runtime. This means that you can expect a high retention and actual engagements.

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Subscribers

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How to spot a fake view

Spotting fake views isn’t as difficult as you might think. The views that have a lot of views but no comments, likes or shares are most likely fake.

Imagine a video with over 2,000,000 views but only a few thousand hits. thousand likes. This would be suspicious. Engagement rates should be closely related to the number of views the video has.

To further aid in detecting fake views, you can take a closer look at a video’s statistics. Video’s that use fake views are more likely to see spikes in viewers. The viewership almost disappears after the spike. This is a clear sign that fake views have been in play.

A comment section can also be a good way to check if views are real or fake. It is possible to conclude that views are fake if you see a lot of unrelated comments. 

You might all ask the question:how to get YouTube views“. Here are some ways to get youtube views.

How to Get Real YouTube views

Quality matters

Quality is the most important thing to do. Quality content will keep viewers engaged and watching your videos. Keep your videos entertaining and capture their emotions. Your video should be visually striking and provide value to your viewers.

Optimize Your Videos Properly

In order to attract organic viewers, video optimization is vital. Video optimization should be done in four areas.

Title – Your title should be short, sweet, and concise. You should create a title that grabs your attention while accurately describing the content of your video.

Video Description – Your video description should contain all relevant information about your video. This is also where you can shout out to other YouTubers and link to relevant resources.

Video tags – Video tags are keywords that describe your video. Relevant tags will allow your video’s appearance in search results, as well the suggested section. Your video tags should contain relevant keywords that explain what your video is all about. It’s explained in detail in our post on How choose the best youtube tags to get views here.

Video Thumbnail – Your video thumbnail is the first thing most users will see. Your video thumbnail should be prominent and grab users’ attention. Video thumbnails are all about trial and error. It is possible for something to work best on one account but not for you. You can be creative and find what works for you.

Real YouTube Views Can Be Purchased

You need to make sure you select the right service provider for buying YouTube views. Using the wrong provider could be detrimental to your channel’s overall success. YouTube has in the past not hesitated to remove fake views or accounts with low quality views.

Look out for providers that charge a low price for high-quality views. If this sounds too good to true, it probably will be. The most popular YouTube view providers are those that charge between $4 and $6 per 1000 views.

Selecting the Right Provider

It is important to consider a few things when choosing the right provider. What are the views coming in from? What speed are they delivered?

It is important that you view your views from real people. A proper engagement rate will only be possible if the views come from actual people. It is also important to determine where the views are coming from. It could be a red flag that all of your views originate from the same location. Make sure your provider has multiple locations for your views.

When choosing a provider, it is important to consider the speed at which you receive your videos. The delivery timeframe of a good view provider should be spread over several days, or even weeks. YouTube will flag your video quickly if you have all of your views delivered within 24 hours after publication.

Let’s quickly recap: Make sure that your videos come directly from people living in different parts of the world. You should also ensure that you view your videos for a long time. You are likely to find a provider that offers these features.


Low-quality views can only harm your channel. YouTube is known for punishing fake views accounts. It is important to use a legitimate provider when buying YouTube views. Don’t miss our guide on how you can purchase YouTube views. get more youtube views the smart way Additional tips?

If you can find a proper provider, purchasing real YouTube views can a great way to boost your channel’s viewership and engagement rate; however, if you settle for low-quality and fake views, you may find that your channel is quickly banned from the massive platform.

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