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You are looking for the TikTok video that will make your account famous? Although we don’t have it, there are ways to make it happen. TikTok Live can help you establish real-time connections with your audience and draw new followers to your account.


how to go live on tiktok - a live example of gaining followers

You just need to turn on your camera and begin chatting. We’ll show you how in this article.


What is TikTok Live and how does it work

TikTok LIVE is exactly what it sounds like—version it’s TikTok’s of live video, similar to Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live. TikTok LIVE allows creators and users communicate in realtime, according to the platform. These conditions must be met.


To access tiktok  live, you must have at least 1,000 followers (although there is currently a hack—more on that later).

You must be at least 16 years of age to start your own personal life.

At least 18 years of age is required to send or receive presents during LIVE. Live streams allow viewers to send and receive gifts, which can then be converted into cash.


TikTok Live presentations are shown underneath the stream and above the video.



Is there a better way to live TikTok?

  • If you meet the above requirements, follow these steps to make TikTok live.
  • Activate your camera
  • Scroll through the options under the red button until you find LIVE. Click it and tap it.
  • Create a catchy title for your live broadcast.
  • Choose a cover photo, a topic, and any other filters.
  • Press the pink button Go LIVE.

Step1: To open the camera click the + button at the bottom TikTok screen.

Step 2 Find the recording options below the red record key. After scrolling all the the way to the left, tap the LIVE button.

Step 3: Give it title. Keep it short and sweet. There are approximately 30 characters.

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Step 4: Select a cover picture. This can be used as your profile picture or changed to something else. You can choose from many topics, filters, effects and other options. Donate to a non-profit organization here.

Step #5 From the drop-down menu, select “Go LIVE”.


There will be a 3-second countdown before your video starts. If you don’t see this button, please ensure that you meet all TikTok LIVE requirements. This is likely because there are too many live broadcasts going at once. Try again after a few minutes.


TikTok Live – How to do it if you don’t already have over a thousand followers

There’s a trick that allows you to access TikTok Live without needing to have 1,000 followers. Here’s how you can get TikTok Live access without having to have 1,000 followers.


  • Tap the hamburger menu at the top right corner of your profile to access your account settings.
  • “Report problem” will appear.
  • Tap “I can’t start TikTok live,”
  • When asked if the issue has been solved, choose No.
  • This is what you should write in the “Send us feedback” box.
  • Hi, I am having difficulty accessing TikTok Live. Would you please allow me to access TikTok Live?
  • Once you send the message you will be able access TikTok Live in 2 days.
  • These are screenshots of the steps you need to take live on TikTok if there are less than 1000 followers.


Step 1: Tap the hamburger menu located in the upper left corner of your profile to access your account settings


Step 2 Choose “Report problem” from the dropdown menu.

How to live on tiktok without 1000 followers – Report a problem


Step 3: Choose “I’m not able to start a LIVE!”

Because I don’t have 1000 followers, I can’t live on tiktok.

Step 4: When asked if the issue has been solved, choose No.

How to live on tiktok if there are not 1000 followers – Choose no


Step #5: Type something similar in the “Send Us Your Feedback” box.

Hi, I am having difficulty accessing TikTok Live. Would you please allow me to access TikTok Live?


Step #6: Click submit to make TikTok live available within 24-72hrs


TikTok: Live Tips/Best Practices

1. Make a goal.

What do you expect from your TikTok LIVE experience? You may want to communicate with your audience, market a new product, increase website traffic, or interact with your local community. There are many options, but setting a goal before you go live will ensure that your live stream is meaningful and helpful to your marketing strategy.


2. Choose a topic that you find meaningful.

Once you have decided on a goal you will need to find a topic that will help achieve it. It should be interesting. One topic that could be used to sell your product is how it can help solve a problem. Another option is to choose a bigger theme and create a weekly stream on subtopics.


3. Plan your life

Structure is essential if you want to keep your audience interested until the end. Before you hit the red GO button think about how your life will start, progress, and end. A smart way to begin is to say hello and introduce yourself to new visitors. Once a large group of people has joined, explain the topic.


Your live broadcast’s centre can be designed in any way that you wish. All that matters is that it flows naturally, and that viewers are engaged. Examples of steps in a How-To film and a Question-and-Answer session are just two examples.


4. Keep your time limit to 30 minutes

It is a good idea to plan how much time live streaming will take. TikTok’s goal is to create shorter videos, so 30 minutes is the maximum time you can spend on live. It is important to give yourself enough time to accomplish your task but also to make it easy for viewers to keep watching until the end. It’s easier to keep an eye on the time while filming if you plan your duration in advance. This will make it easier to know when your stream is finished.


5. Publicize at the right time

Make sure that you launch your product when most of your customers are online. This information can be found in your TikTok statistics’ Follower Activity section. This logic is straightforward: if your audience is online while you are live, you’ll get better engagement. Visit our post >> for further advice. What’s the best TikTok posting hour?


When is the best time for a tiktok to be posted live?


6. Avoid prescriptions at any cost

Forethought is important. Don’t make your videos appear rushed. TikTok’s appeal lies in the authenticity of raw content. Live streaming that feels scripted and stiff may not be a good fit for your TikTok viewers. You should design your lives in a way that adds value to you and your audience. However, they should also be casual enough so that there is an opportunity to create an organic connection.


7. Keep a high standard of quality

TikToks live streams should not be overproduced. High-definition videos are still necessary, however. Your live streams should look professional by using adequate lighting (infront of a window would be sufficient), monitoring the sound quality and eliminating annoying interruptions, as well as having a steady internet connection.


8. Please describe the following steps to viewers.

Your livestream will be more successful if you include a call-to-action before you sign off. Then, reiterate what you want your audience to get from the livestream and tell them how they can learn more. Two examples are asking for a follow and sending users to your site.


9. Participate in it.

As stated previously, the main goal of TikTok Live is to allow people to communicate in real-time. Pay attention and respond to the questions. You should thank new followers for their support and any gifts they may have given you during the recording. Some TikTok lives like the one below are dependent entirely on audience requests.


An interactive example of how to perform a tiktok online


Examples and ideas for Live TikTok

1. Challenge yourself

Take on a live challenge. You can even capture the behind-the-scenes of a live TikTok—you’ll just need to shoot on different devices.


2. Record a live Q&A session.

Ask questions in advance or wait for them to appear in your live stream comments. Then respond to the most relevant ones to strengthen your connection to your audience.


3. Interviews organized

Hosting interviews with TikTok users can be a fun way of growing your following and adding new content. This is one example. It is not a live session of @ameliezilber but it could be. Also, expanding your audience doesn’t have to entail interviewing another creator—you might collaborate by undertaking a challenge together, a joint Q&A, or simply conversing about a topic that interests both audiences.


4. Get feedback

Live allows you to test new ideas and material, while getting feedback from your fans. Live, you can also ask your audience members if your new content idea is a success or failure.


5. An insider’s view

By taking your audience behind the scenes, you can show them how it feels to produce content or run a business.


6. Create a useful how-to.

Step by step, show your audience how you can accomplish something that you are skilled in. This is a great way to organize your live broadcast and keep viewers engaged until the end. This is a great way to appeal to your target audience.


7. Discuss current events.

Your audience is part of the same universe as yourself. Chances are that your followers are also thinking about current events, whether they are in the local area or around the globe.


8. Talk to someone while you cook

We are all chefs. While you’re catching up on live, why not entertain your audience? Chatting about life, making plans for future content— anything that can pique your audience’s attention is acceptable!


9. Demonstrate how your products are manufactured.

This cosmetics firm is addressing questions about their product while showing footage of how it’s manufactured in the TikTok live example below—a terrific method to convince your customers that your product is exactly what you claim it to be.


10. Host a live streamed fundraising event

To encourage your audience to give back, host a live stream fundraiser. You can offer incentives or match donations to encourage participation. Fundraisers allow you to connect with your audience through bringing together your supporters around a common cause.


Start your first TikTok broadcast live today.

TikTok is a fantastic way to communicate with your target audience, build an audience, and drive traffic to the website. The best thing about it is how easy it is. There is no editing required. All you need to do is talk and stand in front the camera. You can get help if you are nervous or unsure.

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