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Social media followers can give you an indication of the brand’s reach and awareness.

As a result, brand growth is often based on gaining followers.

Facebook: How to Engage and Reach Your Audience is a Free Resource

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So how can you get other people to follow you? We all know that buying them isn’t a good idea as it rarely leads to interaction. There are at least 20 natural methods to get them.

Let’s take an instant look at them. Here is the twitter growth toolkit with all the important things you should do.

1. Develop a Facebook marketing strategy.

A social media plan is the first step to attracting fans to your Facebook Business Page. Your team can use a solid strategy to guide them and provide a roadmap for new ideas. This strategy allows you to view your performance using the right lens.

These are some questions you should ask yourself when creating your playbook.

What does it take to be successful?

What do our target audiences want to see?

What are the best ways to engage your audience?

What strategies do our Facebook competitors use?

Once you have a solid understanding of your approach, it is easier to look into the following growth methods.

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2. Regular posts are encouraged.

Your posting schedule is inextricably linked to the followers. Why? How do you know?

Two tools can be used to speed up the publishing process.

A content calendar can be used to plan what content you will post to your social media channels, and when it will go live. A content calendar can be used to coordinate your social media materials with upcoming events, such product or service launches.

A tool for publishing on social media – Manually publishing to your Facebook Page takes time and diverts your attention away from other vital duties. With a publishing tool you can schedule your posts to go live at specific times and dates. This will give you the peace of mind that your pages will remain online.

3. Organize giveaways.

Giveaways are a low cost and highly effective way to increase brand awareness, and draw new Facebook users to your page.

Your gift will have a greater impact if you set guidelines that encourage audience participation. To be eligible for a prize, you might ask your users to tag a friend and create their own giveaway post.

Your giveaways will be more popular if you have more interaction with your followers.

4. You can change the content of your posts.

You may be at a deadlock with your followers because your content doesn’t resonate with customers.

You can experiment with different types and posts to find which ones receive the most engagement, comments, shares, and likes. Videos may be more effective than photos or certain topics might generate more shares than others.

If you notice trends in what is working and what isn’t, adjust your plan and continue to experiment.

5. Your post should be ready at the correct moment.

What difference does it make if your post isn’t seen by anyone on Facebook?

It cannot be stressed enough how important visibility on social media is. You can increase your visibility by posting often, but it is important to match your posting time with your audience’s scrolling habits.

Post your content when your Facebook users are most active between 5 and 9 p.m. Your content could be completely forgotten if it is published outside of this timeframe.

6. Share material.

What is your first reaction when you see something interesting, instructive, motivational, or just plain fun? I plan to click the “share” button to pass it on to others.

Sharing content with your audience is a powerful way to reach new people.

What is it that gives something the potential to be shared? The content of your material will vary depending on who you are trying to reach. However, one thing is constant: it must touch a nerve. Your material might address a concern that they have, or discuss a topic they are passionate about.

This HubSpot viral video, which has more than 760K views, demonstrates how to use popular topics, such as Game of Thrones to promote your brand.

Shareable content is also simple to consume — there’s a reason why TikTok and Instagram Reels videos are so popular. They are concise and straight to the point.

Also, ensure that the material is pleasing to the eyes. If your team is unable to create these creative materials internally, you might consider hiring freelancers.

7. Keep eye contact with your audience.

Facebook users are like most social media users. They want to be heard and seen by brands. Your brand should communicate with your followers daily, regardless of whether it’s to respond to a direct message or to comment on your post.

These interactions increase engagement and brand loyalty. It is well-known that brand loyal customers will spread word and recruit brand promoters, acting as unofficial influences.

8. You can spread the word about your Facebook page wherever you are able.

Drive traffic to your website whenever you can to increase the number and engagement with your business page. There are several options to do this:

Integrate a Facebook plugin to your website.

In your email newsletter, add a CTA to encourage your subscribers visit your Facebook Page.

Facebook posts can be included in blog posts if it is appropriate.

You can only host giveaways on Facebook

You might also be able to promote your Facebook page on other social media platforms.

9. All digital channels should include a link to your Facebook Page.

Your Facebook link should appear on all your web profiles. This category covers your website, email and social media platforms.

It is as simple as adding “Follow Us”, or “Connect with Us” to the social icons.

You will be more successful at gaining followers if it is easier for others to find your name.

10. Work with influential people.

There are many benefits to working with influencers. Influencer endorsements are social proof.

Collaborating with influencers can help you reach new audiences and increase traffic to your Facebook page.

Studies show that people trust the words of influencers more than brands. Engaging with influencers can help your business gain new customers who already trust you.

11. Collaborate and collaborate with another company.

Co-marketing refers to a marketing collaboration between brands with similar audiences and marketing goals.

Facebook could host a month-long video series, or a week-long Facebook Live event hosted with your partner. These are examples of a Facebook co marketing campaign.

This allows marketers to reach new people and share campaign results through their own distribution channels.

12. Use a coupon.

Other than giveaways, there are many other ways you can encourage your audience promote your brand.

Customers who like your Facebook page and make a purchase through your site can receive a discount code.

To promote Facebook reviews, you can give away discount codes. These act as social proof that will help you gain more followers.

13. Join Facebook Groups.

By joining a Facebook Group, you can gain direct access your target audience.

It’s possible to get firsthand information about your target audience’s needs, concerns, likes, or dislikes. This is a great way to get to know your target audience on a deeper level.

This is not the right place to sell. Instead use it as a way to meet your target personas, and to make genuine connections.

14. Start a Facebook Group.

Apart from your email list, having a Facebook Group is probably the best channel.

Facebook Group users, just like email subscribers, have chosen to join your group. They continue to do so because they feel it adds value and joy to their lives.

This is another way to reach your target audience, build a strong community and give your users something of value.

15. Get knowledge from your Facebook Insights dashboard

Your Facebook Insights dashboard stores the analytics for your page.

It displays how visitors interact with your Facebook business page and how successful your postings are.

You can use it to determine which techniques are gaining followers and which ones need to be changed.

16. Use hashtags when posting to social media.

Hashtags can be a great way to search Facebook for anything. They can be used to increase your followers and help your target market find your content.

To ensure your posts are seen and understood by the right people, it is important to use a mix of niche and popular hashtags.

This is an example of how to use hashtags to increase your social network following.

PowerChord used, for instance, a combination geo-specific as topic-specific hashtags to target local Facebook user interested in the issue.

17. It’s easier to find your page.

A person who is trying to follow you but can’t find it isn’t what you want. While some people are determined, others give-up when the first search fails.

This problem can be avoided by optimizing your Facebook Page to search, so that you are always visible. Here are some tips:

Use the same login for all your social media accounts.

Your profile picture should include a cover photo that shows your brand and an emblem.

Include an “About” section.

Make sure to keep your contact information up-to-date and your hours of operation current.

18. Advertise yourself sparingly.

Your Facebook Page should be used to communicate with your target audience, and share content that they find interesting.

Although promotion should be part of your content, it shouldn’t dominate. Depending on the sector, pushing your products or services to your audience may repel them and lead to high unfollow rates.

19. Verify the authenticity of your page.

Social media is full of fake company pages and bots that are designed to deceive consumers. Facebook users might be hesitant to follow brands that they don’t know.

Authenticating your page will give your brand the credibility it needs. It will protect your audience from fake pages and provide them with the assurance that they need. This form is required to request a Facebook verification tag.

20. Produce unique material.

With the rise of social media networks, it is easy to reuse content. This makes it easier to write on a regular basis, but your engagement might suffer.

Each social media network is unique, as are its members. Buffer’s 2019 study found that Facebook users prefer videos to other types information. Facebook is the best place to find funny, useful, and engaging content.

It is crucial to adapt your content to the platform. Your material may last longer if it is reused. However, it shouldn’t be your only plan. Listen to your audience and create content that fulfills their needs.

21. Advertisements

Apart from the above-mentioned techniques, advertising can be run on Facebook to reach larger audiences.

Facebook Ads can be used to target individuals based upon their interests, demographics, and activities. This allows you to only communicate with people who fit your user profile and are more likely convert.

It’s not enough to simply publish on a daily basis to increase your Facebook fans. To establish lasting plans, you must tap into what attracts your audience — through data research and community participation.

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