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It is true that you may think watching your YouTube videos will get you more views. However, the question is, “What the point of doing this?” YouTube can be used to promote your business, make money and improve your skills.

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The problem isn’t with monetization, it’s with reaching an audience.

Let’s suppose your YouTube channel is monetized. Now what? YouTube pays you only if your videos are viewed. You get paid when people view ads on your channel. This is how YouTube (You), and You (Company), make money. It’s worthless if your channel doesn’t get views and isn’t monetized. Your total public watch hours must not exceed 4,000 hours to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. Your YouTube relationship will be dissolved if you start to monetise your channel via watching your own videos. The goal of YouTube is to increase traffic, establish your channel as a brand and display advertisements.

Instead, make sure you use the correct YouTube monetization strategy

YouTube SEO is a way to get more views. You can also create a Facebook group that focuses on your topic and create a Quora space. Quora will promote your Space to the right type of audience. You can learn SEO by making a 20-minute video that targets a single term. This will allow you to reach your subscriber criteria and view hours. One of my videos, which targeted search engine traffic, made me more than $100. Quora and Medium are also places I am active. I write articles about videos I like on Medium and blog about them, and have made money.

If I was you, I would learn SEO first to get 4,000 YouTube views and 1,000 subscribers. It will prove to be quite beneficial. You will get more views, subscribers, and feel more confident about the content you create. It has probably occurred to you at one point that you could create a video that earns you a living for the rest of you life. This is what happened to me. I make several films that generate income on a monthly basis. It’s not about making money, but also gaining subscribers and views. YouTube is a great place for video SEO information.
I edit my videos and look for new ones. The first two minutes of your video should have gold. This should be your most engaging part of your videos. This is where your viewers will be able to connect with the video and view it in its entirety. In order to edit videos, you’ll need to know some basics. You can edit your videos on YouTube for free.
If you’re serious about YouTube, you should start a blog. You write about your latest video, and link to it in a blog. This will make you more popular and help with video SEO.
You can watch your YouTube videos and get 4000 hours of viewing.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

It is not worth your effort or time. Before I present some rational and reasonable facts, let me do some calculations. 4000 hours equals 166 days. This means that you will need to leave your computer on for at least 5.5 months. This is absurd and won’t work. Instead, you will end up with 166 videos if you only make one movie per week. You may now have more than 4,000 hours of watch time on your channel, but the good news about it is that you have built a library that could help to get more subscribers, views and build a strong and potentially passive income stream.

Quora has a similar question. I answer it: Can I see my YouTube video for 4000 views? This essay will help you understand how to get more views and watch times as a YouTube creator, while adhering to YouTube monetization restrictions.

YouTube is a strong platform. You can market films in a variety ways and, if you make a stunning video, YouTube will promote your film across the internet. This could potentially earn you thousands of dollar. You will get more views, subscribers, viewing time, and views if you put more effort into creating a video.

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