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The Biggest Mistake When Designing a Facebook Business Page Cover

You should add a cover image to your Facebook Business Page if you want it to stand out. A cover image is the first thing that users see when they visit a page on Facebook. land on your Facebook Business PageFailure to set up a profile or choosing a bad design is one of the biggest problems with Facebook.

Make a mistake when choosing a cover picture

Most companies have a problem with their Facebook Business Page cover photo. They choose photos of people that look good, but are not necessarily related to their products or services. Although they might choose to use a picture of their CEO for the cover photo, this isn’t necessarily related to their business. They get a result. lot of likes They only get a handful of sales leads from those who are genuinely interested in them. A brand’s biggest mistake when designing is a Facebook Business Page It is best to not use any type of cover image. The brand’s page will look unfinished if it has a blank cover image. This looks unprofessional and makes users reluctant to interact with the company. A brand could also make a major error by using low-quality images. Facebook allows companies the ability to place calls to actions and marketing messages within their profiles. Many brand owners have been known to litter their cover photos with messages, making them look like poor posters. It is important to remember that the profile picture is the first thing users see. If it doesn’t look professional, it will drive them away before they click the “like” button.

Facebook Business Page Design

You should pay attention to the design of your Facebook Business Page. This goes beyond the photo. Many business page owners forget to remove the Like button from their Facebook Business Page. This app is a way to see how many fans your Facebook page has. It’s redundant. It is already displayed on your Facebook Business Page under your cover photo. This takes up valuable space that could have been used for other purposes. Be selective when choosing which apps to place on your page. Many apps are outdated, poorly designed or broken by recent Facebook updates. Facebook is all about less, both in terms apps and content. Did you know that Facebook allows for posts of 80 to 120 characters in length? That’s slightly less than Twitter’s. Facebook users find lengthy posts irritating and may hide your posts. You will lose your Edge rank if they hide a post. Facebook Business Pages, like website designs, should be clean and simple. The content they post should also be simple and minimal. Brevity is key to building engagement and that’s what will make a difference in growing your brand.

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Lol, it would be dumb no to use this, cheers.

Any other tips you can offer?

Common sense stuff, but still not followed by many. thanks

Yeah, makes sense. I’m actually in the process of designing a fanpage so this will help.

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