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Many people will tell you to not buy LinkedIn likes. I understand their point of view, but please read my response before making your own decision.

Sponsored advertising can also be done by purchasing LinkedIn likes. Many big brands pay social media influencers to promote their products to their followers. These social media influencers aren’t doing it because they believe in it or love it, but rather for the money. For example, sportsmen are often in the same boat. Famous basketball players may not always wear the same brand sneakers, but they do so because they are paid by the manufacturer.

From the perspective of their followers and fans, what is happening? It is misleading for kids to see their idols in a particular sneaker, or an Instagram influencer wearing “Product X” and declaring that it is the best they have ever tried. Yes! They are influencers, because they convince their audience to purchase the products they promote!

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Let’s get back to purchasing LinkedIn likes.

You can go the natural route to grow your community and post regularly. This is the long and difficult route. There are other options. You can buy LinkedIn likes.

Are these genuine likes? Will the people who gave them be interested to hear what you have said?

It’s impossible!

Do you think this will help you reach thousands of LinkedIn users?

Yes, please!

Every like you receive (even if it was purchased for), spreads the word about you post to their networks. This means that 100 people will share your post if you get 100 likes. To real people who otherwise would not be aware of your message.

As you can see, LinkedIn likes allow you to reach a wider audience and increase the number of people who read your posts. This is not the end of it…

Let’s say you scroll through your news feed, and notice several similar posts. One of these postings has many likes. The number of engagements makes you curious and you stop to investigate. This is because people who like an article are more likely to trust it than those who scroll further.

The final benefit to buying LinkedIn likes is that it not only tells people your article was worthwhile but also shows LinkedIn how it works. They notice a spike of likes and know that it’s a popular article so the algorithm spreads it to more people.

What do YOU think about all this?

Is buying LinkedIn Likes a Good Idea or Bad Idea?

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