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7 Important Factors For Ranking YouTube Videos

YouTube is the second most popular social media platform. Nearly everyone has used YouTube at one time or another. YouTube hosts millions of videos which are uploaded every day from many channels. There are many videos to choose from, including instructional and informative videos, entertaining videos, and educational videos. You can find everything you need on this platform. This is why YouTube is so popular. It allows people to show their talents and make money. YouTube must also be popular, as with all social media platforms, through higher views, likes and shares, comments and other features.

Importance YouTube Rankings

YouTubers spend a lot of time today trying to find ways to make their videos standout in the crowd. buy YouTube views cheap. There are many benefits to higher ranks.

  • They make videos more popular so that more people are able to see them.
  • You can be a popular person on a global platform that has popular videos and more subscribers.
  • If a video is highly ranked on YouTube, they can be easily searched for on Google.
  • YouTube makes money for their video channels.
  • These videos can boost a business and increase customer base.
  • Get more subscribers to your site and get positive feedback

Factors Help in Ranks Higher for YouTube Videos

There are two things that help in increasing one’s YouTube ranking. The first is to determine the factors that influence YouTube ranking. The second is to ensure that you put the right effort into scaling these factors. We covered a lot of this in our guide. how to rank your youtube videos higher here. These are the key factors to consider.

Video title

Titles are of great importance when it comes to making one’s video famous. YouTube guidelines require that you include valuable information about your video in the title to make it easier to search for it.  The title’s main purpose is to explain the context of the video. A catchy and attractive title will increase the number of views for the video. Keep in mind that a title should be no more than five words. Keyword optimization is also a good idea.


The YouTube video rankings are influenced by thumbnails. It should be able to attract click-throughs. If one’s click through rates are higher, it will help their YouTube rankings. The thumbnail of a video should be attractive and capture viewers’ attention immediately. YouTube generates thumbnails for videos automatically, but it has been observed that videos with customized thumbnails do better. It is important to spend time creating a thumbnail, but it is also important to ensure that the thumbnail matches the content of the video. You can find more details about it in our article. tips for improving your video marketing Post here

Video description:

Video descriptions are equally important as video titles. They can also be used to make the video more visible in search results. YouTube claims that keywords and a good description can increase views because it allows the video to appear in search results. Video descriptions should not exceed 200 words. They should include all major keywords at least 2-4 times. The keywords should not be forced. The more descriptive the video, the better it will be understood by viewers and help YouTube rank.


Keywords are useful for optimizing YouTube videos and channels. YouTube will rank your video higher if you optimize it with keywords. Keywords are usually required for SEO. This is how you can appear in search results both on YouTube and Google. YouTube viewers can understand the context of your channel better if you use keywords. YouTube also places more emphasis on videos and channels with effective keywords. It is important to avoid using unnecessary keywords in the channel description.  It can lead to a loss of YouTube ranking.

Keep an eye out time:

It is the time that someone watches a YouTube video. This is another important factor to consider if you want to rank higher on YouTube. YouTube places a lot of importance on this factor when ranking videos in their SERPs. YouTube ranks videos that have been viewed more often on SERPs. This means that YouTube will give higher rankings to videos with longer viewing times. It is important to focus on the content in each video. The videos must be interesting enough to spark the viewers’ curiosity to watch the whole video and continue browsing that channel as long as they can.

Video quality:

The quality of the videos is the next. You need to consistently create high-quality videos in order to keep or get higher YouTube rankings. HD videos are more likely than those of SD quality to make an impact on viewers. Users don’t tend to watch videos of SD quality for long periods of time. Low quality can affect the videos’ positive interactions and such videos are not ranked despite having interesting content. The quality of the video should be considered along with its content.

View count

The rankings of one’s YouTube video are greatly affected by the number of views that video has. YouTube rankings and views have a direct relation. The rank will rise according to the number of views. If one’s video does not have enough views then it means that their channel and videos were unable to attract the interest of the viewers. This is not a good situation if you want to improve YouTube rankings. One should seek out ways to get as many views possible.

These are the factors that are taken into consideration to make one’s video popular and also rank higher which in turn will boost business and also will help money to be earned through it.

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