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50 Fascinating and Incredible YouTube Statistics

YouTube is the number one video streaming platform worldwide and also the second most visited website. You probably already knew this. We went on to research YouTube statistics and data to show you some interesting ones.

The insights will tell you about the number of YouTube users, YouTube’s worth, the highest paid YouTubers, etc. You might wonder why you should care. The answer is obvious. Before you’re planning on jumping into YouTube, as a business owner, you’d like to know the potential of it. And we’ll give you exactly that. These 50 YouTube statistics will help you gain a competitive edge and set you up for 2020 success.

 Let’s go:

YouTube Historical Stats

On April 23, 2005 Jawed Karim His video was first uploaded Me At The Zoo People were excited about the new video sharing platform and didn’t realize it would grow in such a large way.

YouTube was popular because everyone liked videos. YouTube became official 8 months later and has since gotten 8 million views per day.  Google bought YouTube for more 1 billion dollars.

Over the course of years, with continuous improvements of UX/UI, it grew extremely popular, helping it become the world’s second-biggest search engine, right after Google – its parent company.

YouTube has grown into the world’s biggest video storehouse. YouTube’s user base has soared thanks to all of the free content.

Here are some of YouTube’s most amazing statistics:

Bought by Google: October 9, bought for 1.65 USD

First adverts rolled out in: August 2007

First 2 billion views in a day: May 2010

First monthly 1 billion active YouTube users: March 2013

First US Presidential Debates streamed: 2012

YouTube Usage Stats

YouTube is the default app on most smartphones. This means that the user base is a mix of offline and online users. And we’re outlining some of them below:

 Total Active Monthly Users: 2 billion

Total Daily Active Users: 30,000,000

Paying YouTube TV Subscribers: 1 Million

Count of Videos Published Till Date: 5+Billion

Count of Users Making Content50 Million

Average Viewer Timeframe: 40 Minutes, up 50% year over year

Amount of Videos Watched Each Day: 5 Milliarden

Count of Mobile Views Every Day: 1,000,000 +

Amount of Videos Uploaded Every Minute: 500 hours

Stats for Users

YouTube has become an everyday routine for many. YouTube is a place they make it a habit to visit before bed. YouTube comes with a simple interface and lets users watch videos – registered or not – making the user experience smoother. These are some YouTube statistics:

People using online video platform over TV: 6 out 10

Number of countries YouTube is available in: 130

Number of supported languages by YouTube: 56

Most watched video: Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”, viewed more than 6.5 Billion times.

Most watched categories: Music, How To’s, Comedy, Entertainment

Most subscribed channelT Series has 118 million subscribers, followed by PewDiePie which has 102 million subscribers.

Most Viewed Channels: T series with 89,082,068,695 total views And 2.98 billion monthly views.

 YouTube account for 47% of the music contentThe price is up to 86% Of the total request for music streaming

Mobile Stats

YouTube is blessed with smartphones. YouTube is one of many Google apps that defaults to a smartphone, along with Google’s Android.

YouTube is also one of the most popular mobile apps in both countries. Apple App Store And Google Play All around the globe

Here are some stats about YouTube usage on phones:

Number of Active Users On Mobile Devices: 225 millions

YouTube images from mobile devices: 70%

Nation with highest YouTube consumersIndia has 80% of internet users and access to YouTube.

Best App On iOS AppstoreYouTube

Best App On Google Play Store: YouTube

YouTube views from a mobile device You can generate more than half the total view.

Demographic Statistics

T-Series, an Indian channel on YouTube, was the most watched and subscribed channel. It also became the first channel to surpass the 100 million mark. Some facts about YouTube India:

YouTube Percent Users Male: 62%

YouTube Percent Users Female: 38%

Age Group with the highest access to YouTube81% of Internet users between 15-25 years old access YouTube.

Fastest growing age group in terms of increasing YouTube usage: In 2018, 59% of those between 16 and 24 increased their YouTube usage

Marketing Statistics

70% of shoppers use YouTube Google provides information about products and brands.

Average lift in ad recall: 42%

Average lift in ad recall: 17%

Average lift in ad recall: 11%

First Advertising launched on YouTubeAugust 2007

 YouTube is clearly a valuable asset for Google. When we say “Youtube”, it means: It is priceless, we don’t really mean that – as everything has its price.

Worth of YouTube$140 billion

This valuation makes YouTube account for a little bit less than 20% of the Alphabet’s total value.

YouTube worth last year (2018): $160 billion

YouTube is now more popular than Comcast and Disney.

Statistics of Growth

In hindsight, the most powerful ideas seem painfully simple. A repository is essential for storage. videos online This has become the norm.

However, we spent happy days without one in 2003. What’s more, even for content creators, it took them some time to work out plans for YouTube, which was first planned a dating site.

Soon, they realized the potential explosive potential of YouTube. YouTube had many perks. YouTube was user-generated, mobile optimized, and embedded with content. YouTube is the dominant video medium. YouTube also has channels, channels, celebrities (and dislikes), playlists and subscribers.

YouTube has done a remarkable job mainstreaming all of these aspects.

It also contains a fair amount of deeply-rooted controversies, and issues: systematic copyright infringement To extremist content It even provides viewers with it. The harassment and hate speech to be found below the line

Because YouTube is a social media channel that serves such a large audience and can provide specific numbers on YouTube revenue, it’s important to know what Google will share with you.

Total YouTube ad revenue in 2018: $9.5 Billion

Percent Increase In YouTube Revenue: 22% in 2017

This net YouTube revenue figure could be even lower.

Financial Stats

YouTube Ad Revenue

Similar to other Google’s properties, ads are the driving force of YouTube revenue.

Per eMarketer, YouTube’s ad revenue for 2018 touched $3.36 billion in the US alone, that’s a whopping rise of 17.1% compared to the last year, and valued near 11% of Google’s entire US ad revenue of the year.

Although there was a slowdown in the advertising business, the total Alphabet revenue for 2018 came to $137 billion – a strong increase in 2017’s $111 billion, and 2016’s $90 billion.

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In about all corners of the planet comprising an internet connection, you’d find YouTube. YouTube is a real global app, with the potential to influence the development of digital platforms around the globe. YouTube’s unique image has been preserved despite the competition for market share. Remember that we can assist you with your YouTube marketing efforts. see here for details Or simply contact us.

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