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21 Ways to Make Money on YouTube (2021-22)

YouTube’s popularity has grown year-on-year due to cultural changes. People want to see new content immediately, and YouTube is the ideal way to entertain yourself while out and about.

With so many different YouTube content types, there are also many income levels. While some people may be able to make a few dollars if they produce a quality video that has a high viewer count, there are many people who earn eight figures. What is the secret to their success?

1. YouTube Ads – Partnership Programme

Utilize YouTube advertising YouTube is the most popular way to make money. YouTube will let you partner with you to show ads, as long your videos don’t contain controversial content. Your revenue will rise the more ads that you show.

2. Premium Member Revenue

YouTube Premium members have access to fewer ads and more features. If you sign up for the Partnership Program, every premium member who watches your entire video will earn a small portion of their revenue.

3. Sponsorships

YouTube ads can be great and very hassle-free. However, YouTube gets a cut. Negotiating directly with a brand can work better if their product matches your content. Display their product in your video and let them know. They’ll then pay you directly.

4. Merchandise Shelf

YouTube has its own merchandise section, the’merchandise shelves’. After you have at least 10,000 subscribers, you will be able create and sell your merchandise from your YouTube channel.


The merchandise shelf is great for a while but you may want to start selling elsewhere once you become a professional. Your subscribers might support you by buying your merchandise directly from your website – put a link in your video description.

6. Clothing Brands

Clothing is the best kind of merch. People love to be asked where their shirts came from. This allows them to share the story about how they discovered your channel. It’s free, organic marketing It’s a win-win situation for both you and the company.

You should make sure your logo matches your content. To create a culture of ‘collect them all,’ you might consider creating seasonal variations.

7. Channel Memberships

You can gain access to additional features, such as limiting your content to YouTube Partners only, if you are a part of the YouTube Partnership Program.

To grow your audience, you’ll broadcast most of your content. However, some videos will only be available to your dedicated fans who will pay a fee to view them. If you still haven’t reached that level it might be worth looking into ways to buy 1 million YouTube views To give yourself an extra level of credibility

8. Affiliates

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to generate revenue, especially if you have a channel that reviews products. Review a product and include a link in the description. You can earn extra cash by signing up for Amazon’s Affiliates Program. Any purchases made through your affiliate link will go to your account.

9.Themed Channels

It doesn’t have to be your face making the sale. You only need a target audience. The next step is to create content that addresses their needs.

It doesn’t mean you have to reuse content you’ve already created. However, you should ensure that any content you do use adheres to copyright laws.

10. Celeb Appearances

Gathering fame outside YouTube can be easier said than done if you’re looking to be a professional YouTuber. All it comes down to the content of your videos. If you don’t feature in your videos, it can be tricky to gain any external traction. People will pay for you to be a part of their projects if you are able to make your videos a memorable personality.

Collaboration on charity projects and group videos can increase your viewership.

11. Event Broadcasting

Once you’ve reached a certain level of popularity and you’re a YouTube celebrity, there’s the option to create and broadcast your own events for your channel’s exclusivity.

Logan Paul and KSI – both big YouTubers, have a huge subscriber base. This boxing match is an example of this. Their boxing match was hosted to increase their fame, bring more viewers to their channel, and make them rich.

12. Coaching & Selling a Course

Once you have achieved success, you can offer to coach others. YouTube is a great place to start a coaching platform for members that requires people to pay a fee.

13. Live Streaming

You can increase your YouTube watch rate by streaming live. If you are a member to the Partnerships Program you can ask for people to pay a small amount to have their comments highlighted and discussed in your live stream.

14. Crowdfunding

There are many crowdfunding apps out there. If you have fans, they will often donate a few dollars for your next project. Ask for donations and offer them extra content.

15. Licensing

You may find many news outlets that will display your link if you have a viral video. If you’ve licensed it first, they’ll have to pay you to use it.

16. Video Rights Marketplaces

If you run a video channel that focuses on interviews or natural disasters, you can offer your footage to news stations that need the most current footage. Jukin Media This is a great place for you to sell your content.

17. Traffic Building

If you have a website and make most of your income through selling merchandise or blogging, it is logical to reach out to your potential YouTube audience to increase your income. Video content about your website can help you attract more people and can be linked to your site.

18. Product Promotion

YouTube allows you to promote products you own. You can either create your channel directed at your audience, or partner with channels that target the same market to see if you are able to strike a sponsorship deal.

19. Episodic Content

You can keep your subscribers coming back by creating a video stream with regular content.

You can create your own short TV series or online story if you are creative. It will require viewers to tune in to see the next episode. Additionally, it opens up many advertising opportunities.

20. Metadata Expertise

Google and YouTube both offer an abundance of analytics. If you study the stats out there, you’ll be able to find the most popular search words within specific countries using certain demographics. Your channel doesn’t all have to be about one topic. Make sure to use your research skills when creating content that sells.

21. Pet-Celebing

You’ve all seen those Facebook vids with ‘talking’ dogs. Your pet can become a YouTube star by posting videos about their lives, getting them to try out different foods and wearing different outfits. Everybody loves their furry friend and they could become a YouTube sensation faster than you.



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