To See If The Booty Boost Is Real, I Tried These TikTok Leggings

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TikTok has a way of making you want to join in on the latest crazes without providing any solid proof that they work. If Emily Mariko recommends to add an ice cube in my rice before microwave cooking, I’ll do it. I’m slathering it on if Millie Leer says bar soap is the finest product for laminating my brows. And if I see everyone wearing butt-lifting leggings that make their rear look taller, firmer, and rounder than ever before, I’m going to buy them.

However, there were a couple of issues with the TikTok leggings:

1) I am a thrifty person who refuses to spend money on anything without doing my homework,

2) I kept seeing possibilities that were slightly different but no one was mentioning brand names, and I needed to know which pair was the best, and 3) I needed to know if they could be worn while exercising.

I decided to breach my first rule and acquire both the Amazon Seasum Butt Lift Tights and the Halara Butt Lifting Leggings for the sake of journalism (which my research showed to be the two most popular leggings on TikTok).

Before we get started, it’s important to realise that I prefer sweatpants for lounging and leggings for working out. I rarely wear leggings without intending to exercise at some point during the day, so they must be comfortable, flattering, and functional, which are the three criteria I used to assess the leggings popular on TikTok. Yes, an attractive appearance is still crucial because most gyms and training studios have mirrors, and seeing a positive reflection can give me the motivation to keep going.

Both were ordered in black. Since I am a person who sweats when working out, black and other comparable dark hues are usually my go-to leggings. I prefer not to have that show through my jeans, especially because sweat tends to leak around the crotch area. (However, some high-quality coloured leggings will hide sweat as well.)

I am significantly above average in height at 5-foot-6. My body type is described as athletic with slight curves. (To put it another way, my butt is neither flat nor revolutionary.) I’m usually a medium, but after looking at the sizing charts, reading some reviews, and knowing how I want my leggings to fit, I got both sets in a small.

The Seasum High Waist Butt Lift Tights are available for approximately $19 on Amazon.

The In My Feels High Waisted Textured Butt Lifting 7/8 Leggings are available for about $28 from Halara.

Do you think TikTok leggings look nice on you?

I was obviously excited to try out the Seasum butt-lifting tights after knowing that even Lizzo had done so. I saw several videos of people not only feeling good about themselves, but also documenting their significant others’ shocked reactions to seeing them in these leggings. I believed my life was about to alter tremendously because most of the leggings I had already made my butt look nice (if I do say so myself). I was mistaken.

Unfortunately, for my body type, I give these a poor grade on the flatter metre. They flattened my butt while emphasising my hips and lower belly fat, two areas where I prefer my leggings to flatter. I prefer a thicker waistline to compress the entire centre section and produce a more hourglass look. The Seasum butt-lift leggings didn’t help me with that, nor did they lift my butt. They were also a little too long for me, almost reaching the tops of my ankle socks, which was surprising in a size small given my height.

Some reviews were on my side here: “A TikTok deceived me.” Don’t be deceived by the TikTok; my butt looks like a pancake, and I do have a butt. “Hunny, these ain’t it.” —Jord

Others agreed that they can look great on certain bodies: “So, uhh, yeah.” Get these trousers if you have a huge butt and a small waist. I’m 5′ 9″ and 230 pounds, and the XL was an excellent fit for me. I haven’t taken a thot picture since I was in my early twenties, but these trousers were too amazing to pass up.” Haley Havoc says

The Halara leggings were somewhat more flattering on me. While they didn’t seem to do anything extraordinary, they did give me a bit more form in the waist and hips. They didn’t flatten my butt, but they didn’t alter it either. These have a longer length that I prefer, and the rough exterior hides any dimples in the skin just as well. On the flatter metre, I’d give them a medium-to-low score.

How comfortable are TikTok leggings?

When it came to comfort, the Amazon leggings were significantly superior to Halara. Despite the thick and bubbled texture, they had a lot more elasticity. The waistband, while not as broad as I’d prefer, was snug enough around my waist to prevent too much fat from protruding over the top.

“The material is incredibly soft and has just the proper amount of elasticity,” says one reviewer. The colour is lovely, and they are quite comfortable. They are also true to size, which is a plus. I have to admit that the seam gave me a wedgie for the first few hours, but I got used to it. Yes, it does draw attention to your butt. I’m quite modest, so I wouldn’t wear these outside the house, but they’re so comfy that I’m considering purchasing more.” —Robyn

I heard Halara made amazing inexpensive dupes for stylish workout apparel like the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress, so I figured they’d make comfortable leggings.

These leggings, on the other hand, were difficult to put on and felt curiously stiff for a piece of clothing made to move in. The upper band was thicker and more flexible than the legs without the honeycomb texture, but it lacked the necessary elastic to embrace me properly.

Is it possible to exercise in TikTok leggings?

When it came to working out, the Seasum leggings came out on top. However, most critics, including a fitness expert, agree that functioning isn’t one of their strong suits.

“Do I believe those leggings would be appropriate for working out?” Laura Pachnos, a senior coach at Solidcore in New York City, told BuzzFeed News, “Absolutely not.” “Do I believe they’ll make you look fantastic?” Absolutely.”

For a hot yoga class at Y7 Studio, I used mine. While these weren’t my favourite leggings for working out in, they held up well during the yoga flow. Even after 60 minutes of moving in a 90-degree room, you couldn’t detect any sweat since I chose black.

It’s better to find leggings that are specifically oriented toward the type of activity you’ll be doing, according to Pachnos, who has a dance background and is certified in a wide variety of group fitness classes.

Some people may require a thicker, tighter, or more supporting texture. They should include sweat-wicking technology unless you want to wear them just when sitting or running errands. This feature is not available on the Amazon Seasum leggings.

“If you sweat in them, it looks like you wet yourself and you feel heavy afterwards,” she explained. (In case you were wondering, her go-to training clothes are from Sweaty Betty, which also sells leggings with bum-sculpting properties.)

The quality of the Seasum butt-lift leggings isn’t great for rigorous workouts, and they’re far more suited for relaxing than exercise, but they’re still miles ahead of Halara in terms of utility.

For a workout with my trainer, I put on my Halara butt-lifting pants and took them off practically immediately. I felt that the seam in the crotch may break after only moving my legs a small amount, which would be inconvenient while performing squats and bear crawls at the gym. It was clear right away that I wouldn’t be able to work out in them.

Final thoughts

Given that the Halara leggings are more expensive than the Seasum leggings available on Amazon and are just slightly more flattering (in my opinion), I would only buy them if you place a high value on the butt-lifting appearance.

Otherwise, the Seasum leggings are my recommendation. While I didn’t think they were very flattering for my body type, many other reviews and TikTokers disagreed. Even so, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing these with the goal of using them for workout.

Pachnos explained, “They’re meant for lounging.” “I’d wear those leggings with a lovely chunky sweater and some Converse to go out for your morning coffee.”

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