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Buy Spotify Track Plays

The first thing people notice on your Spotify Track is the number of plays you have.

It determines if your track is actually worth listening to. Numbers don’t lie.

Start working on your Spotify tracks and credibility today.

The quality of our service is unheard of in this industry. We’re probably the only provider out there offering real, non-botted views that are safe for your account.

You are purchasing a custom-built marketing campaign aimed at providing you with results you choose below.

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International Youtube views

The highest quality international YOutube views on the market. Fast, safe, and effective.


Buying YouTube Views has never been easier

***** If you’re wondering how we’re different from all the others providers and why we don’t on compete on price – please read on. *****


The first thing we do differently is that we deliver views from a massive diversity of devices and systems -  not just mobile views like most cheap providers out there.

That’s very different to 95% suppliers out there who offer views at $2 per 1000they deliver mobile views which mostly come from bots. These suppliers can trick YouTube's system by having one IP or device 'watch' 10 videos at the same time because YouTube isn't yet able to track and recognise them (it's just a matter of time though).

As you can imagine the pool of IPs (or users if you prefer) is a lot smaller and these views get removed more and more because it’s just too obvious. YouTube isn’t stupid and can see that the same IPs are watching the same videos all the time.

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What we do is different

Desktop views cannot be faked like mobile views can, simply because IP’s (and cookies) have to be unique.

So, in order to deliver the same amount of views as crappy views suppliers, we have to get 10 times more traffic, making the IP pool 10 times bigger at the same time. By traffic I mean real traffic which we obtain on your behalf. And yes, that’s why our prices are higher.


For you it means natural video growth, higher rankings, and increased chances of going viral.

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We prefer to prioritise quality over quantity. For you it means your views will not be removed and your videos will have a higher chance of ranking on YouTube simply because of the massive diversity. Our views are also added gradually over time and don’t spike like views from other sources. This combination gives you a steady flow of views from real and unique viewers, just like any normal video would get.


Don’t fall for low prices and big promises. Think. Choose quality.


This is our most popular package for providing real human views to your YouTube videos.

All our views are delivered gradually over time to ensure safety and organic growth.

We will never share your details with anyone.

One package per one video please. We don't split packages.

We've delivered orders as big as 1 000 000 views and can offer special payment plans on orders above 500000.

Buy Real International YouTube Views Here

Several video owners have asked us how to purchase real YouTube views in order to increase the popularity, virality, and search engine ranking of their YouTube videos. In this post, we provide answers to their inquiries.

The number of views on a YouTube video is the most important criteria in determining whether or not it gets placed higher than another. This includes video content on YouTube as well as search engine results from Google.

Views are closely followed by elements such as the video's Title keywords, the video's Description keywords, the video's likes, comments, channel subscribers, and other items such as captions, tags, and the number of embeds, among other things, in order of importance.

Furthermore, internet users consider the number of views a YouTube video has received as a signal that the video is worth watching. Yes, unfortunately, people rely on the number of views to determine whether or not they should watch the videos that appear in YouTube search results and Google video search results.

Visitors can determine how long they will continue to watch a video on other social media sites where they found it based on the amount of views and the type of interaction signals they receive.

How do I know the YouTube views are real?

After buying real YouTube views from us, you will see that as your video view count climbs, so do the video Likes (and perhaps a handful of Dislikes), and you will also be able to click on the profiles of any Commenters to verify that they are genuine and active YouTube users.

Check your video's Analytics

Don't just take our word for it; see for yourself how long viewers are able to stay on the page:

  • Log in to YouTube and go to the video you created.
  • Select "Analytics" from the drop-down menu (near video bottom-right)
  • Select "Audience Retention" from the drop-down menu (in the left sidebar)

You will observe a natural retention percentage of 40-70 percent if the video views are legitimate. Bot/fake views are most likely responsible for anything below 20% of total views.

In this case, we'll assume a video of standard duration, which is approximately 10-minutes. When it comes to ranking well, longer videos do not necessitate such a high percentage of retention.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, being patient and caring with your video will ensure natural growth of audience watching and engagement along the road, which will ultimately benefit your business.

How do I know my video's search results are improving?

Enter the URL of your video on YouTube and search for it using the keywords that you want to be found with, such as "buy youtube international views" or "–YOUR SONG TITLE–."

Make a note of where you are currently ranked in the search results. Then, once your campaign is complete, repeat the process to determine the outcomes that our services have accomplished on your behalf.

NOTE: If at all possible, you should include your keywords in the title of your video in order to maximize the number of views. In addition, your keywords should come as close to the beginning of your video Description as feasible to maximize visibility.

How many views should I buy?

Use YouTube to conduct some quick research. Examine videos that are comparable to yours and see how many views the successful videos have.

If the top-performing videos in your category have only 50,000 views, there is no reason to spend money on a million YouTube views. Make sure you don't overdo it because an over-exposed video that has been watched too many times as a result of too much paid promotion will simply turn consumers away from your brand.

How soon will I see the YouTube views?

When you buy real YouTube views, we will begin your campaign immediately, with results showing within hours, so you can be confident that you will see results the same day you place your order.

Always remember that YouTube updates video view counts from a large number of servers with an average delay of 2-12 hours, so there may be some lag between when people watch your video and when the view count on the device that you are using to check your video increases.

Mobile and tablet devices will always be further behind in terms of video views than a PC or desktop computer, and in certain cases, even further behind than a PC or desktop computer.

How can I buy International YouTube views?

We accept major credit cards,Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, Online Banking Payments and CryptoCurrency payments.



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