Ideas On Getting Things Rolling On Your Facebook Fanpage

Most people who visit a fan page might only go there once and never come back. Only some highly interactive pages usually get more visitors and keep your fans coming back to your page or specific tabs with your promotions, contests, posts ads etc. Fans usually view your posts via news feed on their smartphone or tablet.

Promote A Contest

Just another way to add value to your fan page is to offer new users an incentive to become fans to enter a contest, a contest can serve as an enticing incentive. It’s just another very effective fan page marketing strategy that can add many new fans to your fan page. Be aware, however, that you should take notice of facebook’s new guidelines regarding promoting contests on their social site. Since November 2013, there has been changes made effective for all Marketers and Advertisers who wish to promote a contest on facebook, contests now need to go through an approval process if they wish to be held in facebook and need to be handled through an embedded application rather than on your page wall.

Simply Encourage Interaction

This is the entire notion of why social media sites are built, user interaction and two-way communication if vital. So your fan page needs to be interactive and engaging for your fans, you can do this by posting questions and ask for your fans opinions, possibly offering a poll that is really easy to respond etc. You just need to get the ball rolling on your fan page and not just sit back and wait until eventually your fans begin to interact with each other.

Now perhaps you already have covered these two areas on your fan page. Are you still having trouble bringing your fan numbers up or getting them interacting more on your fan page? Not selling much?

Perhaps you may want to consider a different approach as many corporate bloggers make the mistake of posting loads of stuff about them and receiving very few likes and comments about the products or customer services that they provide on their fan page. Maybe you might get the odd comment from sycophantic employees who want their company to look good.

This can happen to your fan page too, I believe that your active fan base would be about 100 times the number of likes and comments if your posts are not too centred on you or what you are promoting all of the time. Perhaps you can post something that may be a good topic of interaction for your fan base, this may stimulate interest and flame fan base desire to purchase your service or product.

So I suggest to go for about 80% interaction and about 20% selling and try to keep it at that ratio, this usually works!

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