How to Get More Twitter Followers in 2013

How to Get More Twitter Followers in 2013

Twitter is an undeniably powerful tool that can be used as an integral part of social media marketing. Promoting your work or products and services easily while getting more followers and prospective clients make Twitter one of the most sought after social networking tools to attain business success. To optimize the use of Twitter, your number one aim is to get more followers on your site. The more people following you, the more chances of you acquiring not only their business but guaranteed authority and revenue in the long run.


If you want more traffic, video views, leads, and sales, establishing your online presence through the Twitter platform promises you all these and so much more!


Utilize an Eye-Catching Twitter Profile Photo

Entrepreneurs and online marketers should bear in mind that one of the first things that consumers seek when looking for users to follow is an interesting or eye-catching profile photo. With this in mind, you will need to find a profile photo that is unique, interesting, and eye-catching. With a very interesting photo uploaded, the chances of your page to attract more followers is significantly higher over opting to upload a rather dull and boring image. If possible, continuously update your profile photo. Make it as fresh and exciting to lure more followers to your page.


Formulate an Interesting Bio

Your bio is undoubtedly one of the first things that followers read through before actually following a personality or business on Twitter. Creatively explain who you are, what your business is all about, and why it will be best for prospective clients to subscribe to your services over that of the competition. In addition, create a refreshing and fun tag line. Never forget to include the city where you are located and contact numbers if you intend for your followers to personally contact you for business.


Remember to Tweet on a Regular Basis

It is rather impossible to create a large following if you are a startup company or you are relatively new to your chosen niche or industry. You will need to work hard for the authority and the revenue that come along with being famous on Twitter. One of your main purposes of opening a Twitter account is to communicate and connect with as many people as you can. You can only achieve this purpose if you post Tweets regularly. Ideally, you should allow yourself to tweet at least once daily.


Being visible to your followers creates higher chances for your tweets to be retweeted by followers, which in turn may encourage other Twitter users to follow you too. There are also applications which allow you to list down all pre-formulated tweets and post them by schedule. Applications that schedule or time your tweets accordingly is ideal especially if you are personally dealing with other responsibilities too.


Create a Customized About Page

As you know, your twitter bio only allows up to 160 characters to be posted in total. Obviously, there is not much room to tell your story or to provide people all the details about the goods you offer. What you can do to deliver a more comprehensive data about you and your business is to create a customized About page from your blog and simply link to it from Twitter.


Tweet about Interesting and Newsworthy Information

If you desire to increase your chances of being retweeted and ultimately getting followed by more Twitter users, you will need to formulate thought-provoking, interesting, and newsworthy tweets. Bear in mind that re-tweeting is the most effective means to gain more visibility online, make sure that your tweets are not only interesting, but convey positive and inspiring content as well.


Always Share Valuable Links and Content

Aside from formulating your own personal tweets, you will need to share links and online copies that are related to your niche. Make sure that the links you share are just as interesting as the tweets that you create on your own. Share online content that your followers will look forward in reading and then passing on to others through re-tweeting.


Post on a Regular Basis but Never Flood your Followers

Make sure to tweet in moderation. Never share tweets or links consecutively in a span of five minutes or less. This strategy will look like you are sharing useless information to followers. Make sure to provide great timing when posting tweets. If you are a busy bee and really would be unable to find the time to manually send the tweets at different times of the day, make use of apps that automatically schedule tweets for you!


Make Use of Hashtags Accordingly

One way of getting your tweets in front of other people or competition is by the wise application of hashtags. Don’t just use the first thing that you think of but instead formulate something relevant that will most likely be shared or might even go on trend. By doing this, not only will you get a lot of re-tweets but increase your number of followers as well.


Respond to Others Publicly

To make you and your business more friendly and approachable, make sure to respond publicly so other followers gets that perception that you are highly sociable and that you can answer possible inquiries from other users too.


Follow Tweeters with Similar Interests as You

Another powerful strategy that will work on getting more followers is by following people or organization with the same interests or under the same niche or industry. If you start following Tweeters with the same interests and opinions as you do, the chances of getting followed back becomes higher too. If you continue to follow this strategy on the long haul, you will gain more and more followers through the years.

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