Fanpage Marketing With Facebook

So many businesses have been sold a bill of goods when some “marketer” sells them a package where a very nice Facebook Fanpage is built with the hopes of enticing customers to an online or a brick and mortar store. In reality, the new Fanpage is no more than a nice creating that is going nowhere.

Initially there may have been some activity with the generation of ‘likes’ and a flurry of traffic, but it quickly dies down unless there is a continued interest or a definite demand for the product or item that the Fanpage is about.

Most often, though the businessperson pays a fee for the fanpage, and nothing more happens after that. The disappointed business owner shrugs it off and thinks that they won’t fall for that one again.

Actually, a Facebook fanpage can be very helpful if you can generate a traffic source to direct people to the Fanpage, and not the other way around. The very best way to get people to do that is to use Facebook Ads, which is the best traffic generator there is. You can run an ad on Facebook, for example for as little as .01 to 1.50 per click and create a mountain of traffic. You just have to do a little homework.

There are over a billion plus Facebook subscribers, and they spend more time on Facebook than any other online service. Facebook ads allows you to target just the people who will be interested in your product.

Say for example, you are selling a special kind of soap that is good for the skin, even eczema and psoriasis. So run your ad and target people who have expressed a concern, a comment, or a like about cures for those diseases for example. In your ad you direct them to your Fanpage on the subject where will have more information and of course, a link to your product.

Now you are getting specific conversions from people who are really looking for your product, which is a solution for the problem that they have. They are not really looking for your soap, they are just looking for the solution for their skin condition.

By having them go to your Fanpage on the subject, you are giving information now to interested people, and these are the people who are likely to by your product. This is the smart way to use Facebook Fanpage marketing.

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Yeah, shame that Facebook is limiting posts exposure on fanpages now.

I think the only effective way to do it is via promoted posts

You are correct. Very difficult now to get decent traffic on FB without paying.

Great article, love your services as well

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