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7 Important Factors For Ranking YouTube Videos

YouTube is currently the second largest social media channel and almost everyone has used YouTube for one reason or another. It is a major source of millions of videos that are uploaded on a daily basis from various channels. One can find entertaining videos, instructional and informational videos, educational videos, etc. on this platform. Therefore, this is the sole reason why many people are using YouTube as a media platform to showcase their talent and also earn money as well. But just like with any social media, YouTube also has to be popular with the help of rankings, higher views,…


5 YouTube Marketing Trends We Will See in 2019

YouTube is an ever-growing medium that gathers billions of users in one place. That is where its real power lies. It can be accessed by almost anyone. Currently, YouTube is available in 91 countries and on 80 languages. Just imagine how huge that market is. It gives you so many options when focusing on different target groups and the best strategies to approach them. Now, when it comes to those strategies, 2018 gave a real breakthrough to some trends that will further grow in 2019. We can even say that 2018 was a year that brought new things that we…


8 Tips That Will Rank Your YouTube Videos Higher

Are videos part of your online marketing strategy? Would you like to get more traffic to your site through your videos? Interested in boosting your visibility and rank on platforms like Youtube? If you answered YES to any of the above, you definitely need to figure out how to rank your videos higher on Youtube. Why? Not only can videos help you convert traffic to cold hard sales, Youtube can also deliver more traffic to your site. The bad news? Competition is heating up on Youtube since publishers are uploading over 300 hours of video content every single hour. You…


How are YouTube views counted and Why do they matter?

After watching hordes of celebrities rise from YouTube blogger to internet celebrity, you’re probably wondering what it takes. Just about everyone dreams of being famous at one point or another, right? When it comes to YouTube, the most important, if not the only factor, of success is by number of views. Once that number gets high enough, you’ll reach the sought-after “recommended” lists for the whole world to see. So how are YouTube views counted and what count should you set as your goal? YouTube’s Algorithm In the beginning, a view on YouTube simply meant clicking and loading a video….


What youtube videos have the most views in 2017

You’ll Never Guess What YouTube Videos have the Most Views in 2017!   This year has been a wild ride between celebrity deaths, dramas, and comebacks. In the midst of it all, dozens of our favorite artists have given us the perfect soundtrack to surviving 2017. Whether you play their songs everywhere or hold them as guilty pleasures, we’ve all put in our votes with a simple click! As if the songs aren’t captivating enough in their own respect, the videos make them even more addictive. What YouTube videos have the most views in 2017 so far? Let’s check out…


How to make sure you only buy real YouTube views

How to make sure you only buy real YouTube views YouTube is notorious for punishing users who try to take advantage of their system. Therefore, it is imperative that any aspiring YouTuber knows the difference between fake and real views. If you resort to buying low-quality views, you might be putting your entire channel at risk. So, how do you tell the difference between fake and real views?   What are Fake Views? In most cases, fake views are acquired through the use of scripts and bots that take advantage of YouTube’s system, resulting in a lot of views. However,…


How To Buy Safe YouTube Views

How to Make sure you only Buy Safe YouTube Views   The YouTube market is undergoing massive growth due to highly-skilled video creators. As a result, scammers have become more prominent. They claim to provide you with ‘safe’ and ‘real’ YouTube views, but this is a lie. To buy safe YouTube views, you MUST use a trusted provider.   Quality providers always take into consideration three main things: The speed in which YouTube views are delivered The location in which YouTube views come from The pattern in which YouTube viewers interact with your video If you are not purchasing safe…


Why you should get more likes for your YouTube videos

Simply getting visitors doesn’t cut it anymore in today’s competitive online landscape – you need them to convert! Leaving a comment, subscribing to your channel or pressing the like button is considered a sign of their engagement with the video, leading to higher rankings, more traffic, and more revenue from your work. We will take a closer look at why getting large number of likes is so beneficial in the long run.   Monetizing attention: views or likes?   There are two main reasons for the growing importance of likes over views. Firstly,  analytical tools have become much more advanced,…


How can getting more YouTube subscribers help your channel grow

In one of our previous articles, we advised you to try getting more people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. We shortly explained how  proper use of annotations as well as verbal cues can encourage viewers to do so. But we think it is equally important to explain why getting more YouTube subscribers is so crucial for your success. To get a better understanding of this idea, we will take a closer look at how YouTube subscriptions translate to your channel’s growth.     The driving force behind your new videos   Subscribers are likely the first group of viewers…


How to select the best YouTube tags to get the most views

One of the many ways to increase your YouTube channel’s viewership is to optimize tags ascribed to your content. If done properly, tagging will help listing your videos properly in search results, therefore increasing your channel’s exposure. Tag is a relatively new term, it is usually intuitively understood as synonymous with keyword. While this is correct in general, as keywords can indeed be used as tags, it is important to remember that tags will be used for specific videos, while keywords are applied to the channel itself. An appropriate use of both tags and keywords is one of the most…