The Biggest Mistake When Designing a Facebook Fan Page Cover

If you are designing a Facebook Fan Page, then you should include an eye-catching cover image on that page. The cover image is one of the first things that a user sees when they land on your Facebook fan page, and failure to set one up, or the choice to use a poor design, is one of the main things that can go wrong with Facebook.


The biggest mistake that a brand can make when it comes to designing a Facebook Fan Page is to not use any cover image at all. A blank cover image makes it look like the brand has not finished designing their page yet. This is an unprofessional look, and it makes users not want to engage with the company. After all, if you cannot be bothered to complete the design of your profile then why would a user want to follow what you have to say?


Another major mistake that a brand can make is to use low quality photos. Facebook allows companies to use calls to action and marketing messages in their profiles, and this has led to many brand owners littering their cover photos with messages, turning them into poorly designed posters. Remember that the profile image is the first thing that a user will see, and if it is not professional looking then it will drive users away before they get to click the “like” button. Treat your fan page profile photo as a shop window; what do you want people to see when they pass by?


The design of your Facebook fan page is something that you should pay a lot of attention to, and that goes beyond the photo. One thing that many fan page owners fail to do is remove the Like app from a Facebook Fan Page. This app shows the number of fans that your Facebook page has, but it is completely redundant. The fan page count is already shown on your Facebook fan page underneath your cover photo, and it takes up valuable space that could be used for other purposes.


When you are choosing what apps to put on your page, be selective. Many apps are poorly designed, broken by recent Facebook updates, or have outdated information in them. When it comes to Facebook, less is more, both in terms of apps, and in terms of the content that you post. Did you know that the optimal length for a post on Facebook is just 80-120 characters – that’s slightly shorter than the optimal length of a post on Twitter! Longwinded posts are annoying for Facebook users, and may cause people to hide your posts. If they hide a post then this will count as negative feedback, reducing your Edge Rank.


Just as with website designs, Facebook fan pages should be clean and simple, and the content that they post should be simple and minimal. Brevity helps to build engagement, and it is engagement that will make all the difference when it comes to growing your brand.

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Lol, it would be dumb no to use this, cheers.

Any other tips you can offer?

Common sense stuff, but still not followed by many. thanks

Yeah, makes sense. I’m actually in the process of designing a fanpage so this will help.

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