5 YouTube Marketing Trends We Will See in 2019

YouTube is an ever-growing medium that gathers billions of users in one place. That is where its real power lies. It can be accessed by almost anyone.

Currently, YouTube is available in 91 countries and on 80 languages. Just imagine how huge that market is. It gives you so many options when focusing on different target groups and the best strategies to approach them.

Now, when it comes to those strategies, 2018 gave a real breakthrough to some trends that will further grow in 2019. We can even say that 2018 was a year that brought new things that we will see take their prime in 2019.

It’s the end of the year, and it’s usually a time when everyone sums everything up and tries to see what they’ve achieved so far. It’s also a time when we make plans for the next year. That’s why we’ve decided to put up a list of five YouTube marketing trends that we can expect to see in 2019. That way, you will be able to decide easier in which direction your content will further evolve.

Stay with us, as in the following lines, we will list every important trend that we will see on YouTube videos during the following year.

YouTube Marketing Trends in 2019

Live Streaming

Live streaming videos is something that you may think is already at large. However, that assumption is wrong. With platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, live streaming has become more and more used, especially by young adults.

The real power of live videos lies in YouTube. It is the perfect platform that can even best those like Twitch. Why? Well, simply because YouTube is more widespread and has so many different target groups, not just gamers, for example.

Imagine running a small business, a bakery, for example. Now imagine live-streaming the baking process to millions of different users that are into it. You could literally have your own reality TV show that will entice the viewers and help spread the word of your business. The possibilities are endless.

What’s really important is the connection between live streaming and marketing per se. Namely, clients appreciate when they form a more personal connection with a brand. Being able to show them that you are more than just a logo or a product will form a type of bond that will last.

When creating live streams in 2019, you should consider doing interviews with relevant individuals. Also, include Q&A sessions, as users will love to know every bit of your process.

All those benefits are something that marketers already know of. That’s why live streaming on YouTube will be one of their primary choices in 2019.

360° Videos Are Becoming More Popular

360° videos stand between virtual reality and regular videos. They are important simply because they allow users to interact with the content.

You have probably been seeing those types of videos on YouTube and other platforms recently. However, their marketing potential will really get them up there in 2019.

The best part of such videos is that you, as a viewer, can interact with them. Basically, you are able to change their perspective or angle. That gives you the opportunity to experience what virtual reality may look like.

So why are 360° videos an important Youtube marketing trend that will be on the rise in 2019? Simply because they let viewers experience content on a more personal and realistic basis. Now let’s get back to that bakery analogy for a second. Imagine offering your viewers the ability to see where the magic happens. They would certainly love it. They would immediately feel a more personal connection.

Another important benefit of 360° videos is that they are much more accessible to potential customers then, for example, VR videos. Why? They don’t require any additional equipment for viewing aside your standard computer or a cell-phone.

More than 70% of users watch YouTube through mobile devices, and the same goes for the traffic based on the content advertisement. That makes these videos convenient to use with YouTube. In 2019, we’ll probably see a swipe-to-buy option in these, so you should definitely try to implement a few 360° videos on your channel next year.

How to Videos and Tutorials

We know, these are already taking up a large part of YouTube. However, it looks like they will be even more popular in the next year. We can say that YouTube has become a stable platform for this type of content.

Viewers look for quick fixes and easy online solutions these days simply because we live in a much more hectic world and have less free time than a decade ago. Offering your viewers a good and to-the-point How to video will leave you with lots of potential customers and new subscribers. They are the easiest and the fastest ways to gain an audience and expand your market.

We can once again go back to our bakery analogy. For example, showing your viewers some quick tips about baking will leave them with a sense of gratitude and will build trust towards your brand.

Also, we are a visual species. We like to see how things work, and we would always prefer to see a tutorial instead of reading one. It gives us much more assurance that things won’t go wrong because we always believe our eyes first.

That’s why tutorial videos will help in many different areas for gaining a broader audience and building trust. Do you want to know the secret ingredient to an excellent how-to video? Try to combine them with popular influencers that are relevant to your niche.

Marketers are aware of the importance of these types of videos. That’s why their numbers will only grow in the following year. So if you don’t have one, go make it by the end of the year, and if you do, try to increase their number in 2019. You will see the results pretty fast.

Translate Your Videos

In 2018, we experienced an enormous growth of the number of viewers that come from India and the Pacific regions of Asia. For example, Hindi channels are really at large, so much that they are getting real close to PewDiePie when it comes to views.

Translations will be critical in the following years, and sooner you get on board, the sooner your number of subscribers will rise. Whether you’re having educational content or you’re just trying to promote a certain product, you can’t expect that everyone from billions of YouTube users speaks good English. Not only that, but having your videos translated into languages of certain nations will create a stronger bond between your audience and your brand.

Just imagine a viewer from Spain, for example, getting your message in their own language. It will instantly build trust that maybe wasn’t there in the first place.

It may not seem that important to you now, especially if your target group is located in English speaking regions. But what’s wrong with expanding your market to other countries? Nothing.

So if you want to add translations to your videos it’s quite easy too. Go to the Edit page, click on the Translations category which is located near the Basic Info. Get your translations and upload them. That would be all.

The sheer simplicity of the process makes this a vital trend, as everyone is fighting for their peace of heaven under the YouTube sky. That’s why we advise you to be faster than your competition and expand your reach on other regions as soon as possible, as they will surely do it in 2019.


With the popularity of YouTube skyrocketing this year, we got a platform that has almost become a new sort of Television. What do we mean by that? Well, YouTube is watched all the time. That means that the viewers already have their favorite channels, shows, hosts and themes. We can even say that there is a certain type of YouTube addiction in today’s viewers that television was once known to create.

So why are crossovers important? People usually hate the word the end. If they had a great time while watching your video, they will want to know what happened next. It’s almost like with a child that wants to hear another bedtime story. If you’ve created that effect with your viewers, that means that you’ve provided a good hook. So why not use that hook to get more views on your next video?

That’s where the crossovers and sequels come in. Expand a particular theme or a subject across multiple of your videos while creating a certain hook on the end of each of them. That way, you will ensure that you will get both views and subscribers more easily. In theory, everyone who has watched your last video will also watch the sequel.

This trend will come at large in 2019, especially since viewers are getting used to certain channels and want to see the story develop. Consequently, that will attract more viewers, and thus make your channel grow. So make sure to use this trend to the fullest, as it is an easy way to gain a reliable audience.



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