The 3 Must Know Social Media Trends For 2015

As the year comes to a close, businesses have already fixed their eyes on what 2015 will have to offer.  Such as  the various 2014 social media trends that will still have a huge impact in their online marketing campaigns. It will help to develop effective social media strategies that work with the current times. This shows the importance of reviewing or modifying the social media strategies used in each year.

Various areas of social media marketing managed to cause waves and capture the interests of various online marketers. While effective social networking tools and tactics are many and diverse, identifying the few that actually topped the list of trending social media marketing will help to identify the important aspects that will need changes and a higher focus come 2015. Below are three must know social media trends that had a big buzz in 2014.

1. Written Word

Looking at every possible angle of making it big in social media marketing reveals original written content will always have the top spot. Call it the written word it remains to be the fuel that drives every other aspect of the use of the vast World Wide Web. Whether you a doing a post on Twitter, Facebook or the others or you are blogging or posting new content on your site, all these will involve written word is its pure original state. However, written word will not have a huge effect on its own. Granted it take the top position but this like visual assets and videos, and audio content taken a distance second, third, and fourth position respectfully.

2. Google+

One of the topics that never lacked in online social media networking research and discussions was Google+. This addition from Google come in with a bang dethroning blogging and Facebook from their glory. It has a huge role and influence in Google’s organic ranking algorithm. Talk about social networking, building links, blogging and posting articles, email marketing, you name it and Google+ is the hottest social networking platform that you should consider taking advantage of in 2015. In fact, with a huge monthly following of more than 540 million users, this particular platform has a whopping 65% of online marketers.

3. Increasing Exposure

The use of social media is to get yourself out there so that the vast online market notices your presence. How well you understand and use the social networking platform determines how big the exposure you get. A huge 92% of online marketers have confessed that their efforts in social media networking did generate more exposure for their online marketing campaigns and in so doing their businesses. Then again, the desired exposure will mean little in 2015 if there is nothing done to not only capture the interests of the target market, but also maintain and grow the interests.

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